Wallpaper section updated

• Posted on 22-04-2014 22:13:53 • by : Amy

giraffe jokeIt's been a while since I've updated this, been very busy in the back. :)
for some reason the wallpaper section didn't update properly,
but I think I got that fixed.

The wallpaper section  is now updated : 11 new wallpapers!!

Have fun! :)

Oh, and if you like what you see, please sign my guestbook
Thank you :)

To hot?

• Posted on 14-08-2013 17:49:27 • by : Amy

to Hot?Some like it hot, but not Too Hot :)

check it out in wallpaper section 

Enchanted Island

• Posted on 31-07-2013 22:11:56 • by : Amy

Enchanted IslandAnother wallpaper, I'm getting into another plain of inspiration, I guess...
Maybe it's the hot weather we are having lately, I don't know, Enjoy

See Wallpaper section

Desert Mirage...

• Posted on 28-07-2013 14:33:34 • by : Amy

Desert Mirage Lost in the desert make you see weird things...

New in wallpaper section 

New Wallpaper: Abigail

• Posted on 17-07-2013 22:22:15 • by : Amy

AbigailNew in wallpaper section

Is she a mermaid, or just an ordinary girl..

who knows..

Introducing Abigail ..

The Bounty Hunter

• Posted on 20-05-2013 19:00:25 • by : Amy

the_Bounty Hunter New Wallpaper in wallpaper section.
 I finally have the lights as I think they should be..

the girl for May : Medlinniel

• Posted on 09-05-2013 21:12:25 • by : Amy

Medlinniel  The Girl for May, is Medlinniel,
  and will be featured in the portrait section.

OK, get ready for March

• Posted on 12-03-2013 19:14:07 • by : Amy

I needed a breather in February, sometimes real live get to you, and you just need to take a break to get back on track.

So we are back to get something new, I have been busy rendering, and they will be posted here soon.

Hang in there..  

My Mother has been taken to Hospital [update]

• Posted on 27-01-2013 19:23:57 • by : Amy

A_prair_1  Last Tuesday my mother has been taken to hospital, she suffered a stroke and a cardiac infarction.

She is 84 and I fear time is running out.
I have trouble expressing my emotions I ended up making something I would like to share with all of you.
Click on the thumb to see the full image

Thank you all for the get well wishes and uplifting words, she has left the hospital, and considering what she went trough, doing remarkably well, and we are thankful she is still with us.


Say 'Hi' to Jennefer

• Posted on 06-01-2013 10:26:47 • by : Amy

Jennefer A new year, a new character,

This year I want to make a new character every other month, so let's start with January.. 

This is 'Jennefer', she the character for January
and will be featured in the portrait section.

Happy new Year!

• Posted on 01-01-2013 15:24:18 • by : Amy


And we're Back :)

• Posted on 30-12-2012 11:29:16 • by : Amy

thumb_Last_Battle_Full_1 Had a rough time and not able to express myself because of technical problems.
We added 8 GB memory to my new system and this just might do the trick, (for now).
Not all problems are solved yet, but  I'm back with a new Image in the wallpaper section: 'The Final Battle',
hope you like it.

Houston we have some technical problems...

• Posted on 04-11-2012 17:15:14 • by : Amy

Yea, Houston we have a problem...

For some reason the new installation on my new system isn't going as expected.

So there will be a delay in new wallpapers for now, technical guy is looking at this, but have found no solution to the problem.

So I want to let you know things are OK, but at this moment I just want to sit in a corner and cry.. Cry_icon_1

Ah well,  before you know it all will be good again, I hope.

Hang in there..

Jazlyn wallpaper released

• Posted on 09-09-2012 17:32:13 • by : Amy

Jazlyn at the beachJazlyn has been released as a wallpaper..

 "As bright as the sun"

 Check out in Wallpaper section

Cookie notice added for EU cookie compliance law.

• Posted on 09-09-2012 13:54:25 • by : Amy

Yes, my site is now European Cookie Law compliant.
I know, it looks like spam to me to, but you will be asked now if you want the cookies or not.
Mind you this only goes for Google analytics, Facebook and Twitter, others I need for the website, keeping things smooth.

But seriously, it is good there is a choice now, the only problem was the implementation of the choice.
So if you see the cookie notice banner, please make your choice, and it will never appear again.

and if you need help, or experiencing problems with is, please let me know.

New wallpaper featuring Jazlyn, almost ready

• Posted on 08-09-2012 12:47:39 • by : Amy

Jazlyn_beachA new full size wallpaper I'm working on, featuring Jazlyn, is almost ready.

It will be release soon in the wallpaper section.


Rulers of Valinthia fan gallery now available

• Posted on 30-06-2012 11:39:39 • by : Amy

The Rulers of Valinthia gallery is now available

Rulers of Valinthia fan gallery soon to be available

• Posted on 28-06-2012 07:40:00 • by : Amy

Trisha_2_1A new section of the fan gallery will open soon.
Because I'm a beta reader, I am allowed to read the story before it will be printed.
I can read the story and 'see' the images before anyone else, this one is a fun ride I can tell you.

There will be more inspired images in the section available soon.


First one as announced Trisha Sinclair

Say 'Hi' to Trisha [WIP]

• Posted on 03-06-2012 15:59:26 • by : Amy


This is a new figure, based on a story by Daniel.

Her name is Trisha Sinclair.
A lot will happen to her, some bad, some good.

You have to read the story to know exactly what happens with her.

This is still a Work in Progress,

Soon in the fan section.

Get Ready for Summer (360 rotation view)

• Posted on 24-04-2012 09:47:48 • by : Amy

360_rotation 124x176'Summer', a new character in the making, what do you think? 
It took me some time to get this one 360 rotation  fully completed.
(talking about 1 minute 30 sec. for just one frame, for the full size version)so that's just under2 hours! to get it looking like this.
I'm also made a view full size static wallpapers, and a bigger version of this one, but it's about 10 MB, so please wait for it to fully load

Please look  for the bigger animated version and the wallpapers in the Portraits section under 'Summer'.

Thanks for reading!

New Wallpaper Galley now online

• Posted on 15-04-2012 18:11:38 • by : Amy

The new Wallpaper Gallery is now online.
You can download the wallpapers Directly now, no need to rightclick the image.
Just click the name below 'download' and presto, you have the full version.

Another thing updates is the 'star rating'.
You can vote for your favoriteimage/wallpaper by giving each or some the stars you want to give for it, these will all be counted to get a final score out of the 5 stars voted. (only one vote per IP address).

Working on the site

• Posted on 09-04-2012 23:14:00 • by : Amy

Sometimes when you are working on the site, things go smooth, and sometimes they don't.
We were working to get a new gallery module online, a thing I wanted to get fixed for a long time.
And finally I put my finger on the sore spot, it is finished, well almost..

Yea, I broke it again, don't know how or why, but it just stopped working again.
but because it is almost finished, I can tell you what will be new:
A quick download link, so no need to......

Read more

Welcome to the sun

• Posted on 09-04-2012 23:13:23 • by : Amy

 New Wallaper released:

 it's getting warmer and warmer, so... Welcome to the sun...

Whishing you Happy Easter

• Posted on 06-04-2012 13:22:17 • by : Amy

Happy_Easter_2012_1  Wishing you a Happy Easter!!

See the wallpaper section for full image




Xarduvik Vandicar now has a face :)

• Posted on 02-04-2012 21:38:37 • by : Amy


Xarduvik Vandicar is now released as wallpaper.
This is my impression of 'Xarduvik Vandicar'.
One of the characters from the new book by Daniel. "Defenders of Valinthia"
See the Fan Gallery for more inspired images of this book and "the Passion of" Trilogy.



The news items now shown in pages

• Posted on 26-03-2012 23:01:30 • by : Amy

Another note to tell you another site inovation -lol-

The news items now have pages so you can browse the older news items, It might not be perfect yet, but I think it does work nice.
Of cource If you see something that is not working correctly, please let me know

Thank you.



Fan Gallery updated, Defenders of Valinthia added

• Posted on 26-03-2012 22:42:38 • by : Amy

Just a short note to inform you that I have changed the Fan Gallery.
To get more galleries into it, i have renamed it and added the Defenders of Valinthia Fan Gallery.
Just see the Fan Gallery.

BTW:  links are not affected, it's just a cosmetic site menu change.



Daniel's book has been published!

• Posted on 02-03-2012 22:48:08 • by : Amy

Yes, I have my version already downloaded, and it looks sweet!
Time for me to arrange some space for the new Fan Gallery :)

As a sneak preview :
I give you : Ariella Misthaven.


More will follow, and bigger/wallpaper sizes to like 1800x1080px.




And Now For Something Completely Different

• Posted on 02-03-2012 14:11:24 • by : Amy

If you like a wallpaper, that doesn't fit your screen, please send a email to me,
and I'll get you a version that will fit your screen!,
but you are the one that have to tell me, I know, some of you have told me I'm psychic,
But somethings you do have to tell me, err.... one moment, please...

David...David..  David Pay attention Please!
Yes you.. David, the David that is reading this at this moment : Stop picking you nose!.
It is nice of you to visit this......

Read more

News and News-feed up and running now

• Posted on 01-03-2012 14:21:22 • by : Amy

The news, what you are reading now, and the RSS-feed looks to be running OK, now.
It looked at first there were some quirks to overcome, but It looks like we have nailed it -lol-

Also the "read more' button now works as expected, as the news is truncated on the homepage.

Images can be placed, and should give no problem to the inner style of the pages, something I am still testing, but if I find something that goes wrong, I should be able to correct......

Read more

Error in the like button

• Posted on 01-03-2012 12:19:53 • by : Amy

We have found an error in the like button code, all likes were directed to, and not the page itself.
So nothing was counted correctly, and you could not -not like- a page, and like others... erm does that make sense to you ?

Anyhow, it has been corrected, so please like again, and you can see for yourself it is now per page.
Oh and another thing: most of my pages started with EN- for English, but since the site is only in English,.

Read more

still working on the site

• Posted on 29-02-2012 09:56:46 • by : Amy

Some things are quirky, and not working the way they should be, we are working on it, but it takes longer than expected.
Also the galleries will be reorganized, so I can add more 'themed' images, like Portraits, environments, etc.
Not long now, before Daniels new book will be published, can't wait -lol-

[edit] things are getting on their way! [/edit]

 funny_heart.gif Love,

Site maintenance

• Posted on 27-02-2012 17:58:13 • by : Amy

Due to maintenance, some items are not available at the moment, don't worry they will be back soon......



New things coming

• Posted on 29-02-2012 09:52:51 • by : Amy

As seen with new eyes Yes new things are coming, soon...

A new book by Daniel got my inspiration going up again.
New images are made, inspired by this book, but are not made public yet.
Once the book has been published, new images will be public available,
and some will be exclusively for book owners.



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