Due to different opinions, cost, unexplainable down times and inaccessibility from certain regions at some times. 
I’ve decided to move the hosting of this site to another provider.
Hopefully some issues can be resolved now.
And now we can be truly 100% secure..

Thank you for your patients and continuing support.
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Victoria is here

New Iray render Victoria’

The latest Render I made didn’t  complete without some technical issues.
but I managed to do it without  having to use Photoshop to iron out the render errors.

Somehow, I found while been puzzled for several hours, 
the spectacular-light setting were a bit confusing for the lush hair.. *facepalm*

so turning that off resulted in this one:


Needless to say I’m very happy with the end result..
whoops now I still did that..  😀 

this was just a test to see if it worked or now..
bigger versions will be rendered soon…

I feel a new header image coming up 😉  

Kaylee is here

sometimes I see someone I talk to online in my mind’s eye,
no knowing what he or she looks like I make my own interpretation.

She is reluctant but a fighter if needed..

Another Iray render (Just about 1 Hour, 40 minutes render time)

I name her Kaylee  and she is in the portraits section

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