We are now DMCA Protected

As of today we are DMCA protected,
But what does that mean?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA),
protects creative works on the internet and contains the legal foundation for rights management in digital works. It covers things such as articles, videos, photographs and 3D/Digital images.

The DMCA protects both copyright owners and internet service providers (ISP), otherwise known as online service providers (OSP). To warn would-be content thieves away, you can use a DMCA Protection Badge on your website.

Copyright Owners.
The DMCA gives copyright owners a simple and straightforward way to get their content removed from websites that don’t have permission to use it. They can do this by sending a DMCA takedown notice to the ISP that hosts the offending content. ISPs are required by law to obey the notice as long as it meets certain standards.

DMCA notices mean that a copyright owner doesn’t have to deal directly with the person who stole the content. Furthermore, a DMCA notice can lessen the chances that a lawsuit enters the picture. Anyone accused of infringing on a copyright has the right to file a counter notice, which claims that no infringement happened.

Can you use embedded videos or images from this website in your content?

You are unlikely to receive a takedown notice if you use embedded videos or images on your website. Yes, the videos and images are copyrighted, but the embedded feature is just a link to the original source, this website.

The DMCA Protection Badge

DMCA.com Protection Badge is an icon placed on the web pages to warn anyone who might want to steal content. It serves as a reminder that we’ve take advantage of the protection that the DMCA issues. we have registered the badge. Sometimes, you may find such a badge on a site that has stolen content. The badge does not stop you from sending a takedown notice in that case.

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