Who am I?

Who is Amy Safeunderdark ?

‘Safeunderdark’ is my screen/artist name, a name I made up to name the artist. 

‘Amy’ is the personification, the representation of my visual and creative inner, translated to the outside;
something like a split personality, creatively so to speak,and in that personification, I’m able to express myself better.

Amy has grown on me like a second skin, she is a lovable, independent, and most of all, a very happy person.

She has become a familiar appearance in several parts of the internet and is loved by many people.
Although Amy is not a real individual, she is someone who is living inside of me, what she tells you comes straight out of her heart.
Amy also carries a lot of wisdom, some things are surprising about her and she always tries to help others in any way she can.

Amy is all magical in what she does.. and a little magic goes a long way.. 


Why is she called Amy?

Well that’s a long story, but here’s a shorted version:

When I started I used a lot of things, and did it as myself. But there was more inside me, waiting to get out.

I wanted to start a art site of my own, and was trying to make something for it. So suddenly there was a girl, didn’t like her at first, it was “just a Girl..”
Somehow the name “Amy” popped into my head, so that was her name..

But I was not satisfied, I tried to make another one…
So I made a new one, but look and behold, it looked very familiar, like the same girl I made before..  Yea, talking about weird.
I couldn’t believe my eyes, but stupid enough,  Yea.. sometimes it take some time for me to “Get things”,
I tried this this several times, started from scratch, and behold we got  Amy,  Amy, Amy and surprise………. another Amy.
but I didn’t give up there, It looked like ‘Amy’ is my creative inner, wanted to get out.
So I joined Amy in the end,  (If you can’t beat them, join them..)

Since then Amy and myself have created lots of nice things, as you can see on this site.
I start something and Amy (My creativity) takes over and I could end with something else that I started with.
And that is the greatest things of all: I can enjoy in creating, and let my creativity play, and be able to get away from it all,
I have loads of FUN, and that is the main reason for doing all of this.

So I can say Amy has done most of this, I just on the background taking care of technical things.
Always surprised by myself and how I ever got into this, but very happy I did this, and I know Amy is too 😉

Now you know about me, Amy, and now the story of Safeunderdark. 😉


Thank you for reading