The Gallery is now working again, still not sure why it stopped working.
My technical guy re-installed an older version that is working for now.
He thinks it’s a buggy update that might be the cause of this.

so we are back online for now.




New header images

Hey everyone, I’ve added  2 new images to the header. I do hope you like them,  both are Iray renders taken about 2 to 3 hours of render time. While I’m recovering it was time well spent.. so what you you think? Also here is a variation of the first one Love  Amy Read more →

Just wondering..

Hi, it’s me. Yes.. I’m still here, still on the mend slowly recovering…. Yea, I know last year wasn’t very nice to me. Emergency surgery Isn’t what I expected, but in the end it did was a lifesaver..   so yea.. after some time of trying and trying.. I managed to complete one image.. this one.. because frankly yea.. I’m… Read more →