Personal notes

These are personal notes by Amy.

Things she would like you to know

Halloween 2019

Sometimes something small give you inspiration for something really scary…..
But then, as always.. humor and love take over again πŸ’–πŸ˜…

Check out the new Gallery

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Amy’s Exclusives

Sometimes when someone does something special for me, is very nice to me, or just needs something uplifting, I might create something special just for them. These image are special and usually not listed in any gallery or even shown ever, but sometimes the images are amazing, so I have decided to make a special category and show them..
I’m working on a new exclusive gallery just the these images.
Do keep in mind that they will be low resolution or watermarked over the full image.. After all Exclusives have to be Exclusive and my “Amy’s Exclusives” are true to their word.. πŸ’•

Curious? In a view days a gallery will be available here: Amy’s Exclusives

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Updating Galleries

We are busy updating the Galleries and portrait sections to a new version.
so the’re about to be some changes in these sections…
All for the good of course πŸ˜…

Mind you, now we have to converted the images etc. to new gallery setup, I got the images but for some reason lost the votes and comments.. πŸ˜“
We’ll be looking into that later, no worries.. πŸ‘πŸ˜˜

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Vacation time woohoo!

So What’s happened in the last weeks?

Well.. vacation, of course.. haha..
had some time to make some renders..
some more complicated that others.
And put up some freebies again, after a request I received.

Also thanked my anti-virus makers for keeping me protected..
for some reason I managed to get a crypto virus from somewhere.. but it was stopped in it’s tracks.. thank God for the Sophos guys!
No harm done, no files lost or encrypted, two warnings, blue screens..
‘Sorry we had to shut down, becauses of suspected behaviour’
Got two long running renders that didn’t finish.. Ah well.. thank you Murphy πŸ˜‰
My computer and disks are fully scanned now.. also checked the backup if it was still okay.. and having to wait for that.. OMG.. I knew I had a lot of data backups and stuff but it took forever to check it all.. more than 3257800 megabytes!

I know.. that is a lot.. but mind you that’s all my archive, render, render settings, studio libraries and original renders photoshop archives etc..
so.. yea.. the studio Libraries are the biggest to be honest..
it is huuuuge.. with little files and stuff and that will take eaos to check, scan and back up.. but.. when it’s time to relax.. you gotta do such things.. -haha..

Anyway.. I’m safe, saved and clean.. so that is good to know..

oh.. yea.. renders.. what did I do..
well.. some studies.. I got a nice ‘mirror’ study done..
that one surprised me actually..
some more Japanese ladies and a full scene..
and the two unfinished Emily renders.. I will finish then some day..

I did some more, but I can’t tell you about that right now.. so..
that’s for a later date..
have fun,

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Houston we had a problem…

When things go wrong….

Yes, something seriously was wrong this weekend. But the good news is: we are back. Still not sure what happened but the tech guys ensured me it was not a hack, nothing was lost. Apparently an update of sorts went horrendously wrong, rendering the whole serve to go β€˜bye bye’ ..

But that was this weekend, it’s Monday another new week!
So how was your weekend? πŸ˜…

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