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These are personal notes by Amy.

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We got hacked? Attacked? what happened?

Apperently my sites got hacked.
No wories nothing was taken, the automatic security messures did what they were inplemented for.
All site access was disabled and the suspected files were instantlyt deleted.

Suspected was the announcement to our version of site CMS that cause the hack, a know exploit of a vulnerability was used. No personal information was obtained., This information is still safe. sites are often compromised by hackers who exploit vulnerabilities. In fact, there are around 90,000 attacks on sites like these every minute.

Aty this moment the attack has been halted and reverted, all changed files have been restored and updated to the latest version.
My sensere appologies for the inconveniance.

Geek Alert? or Am I not a Geeky Girl?

I was thrilled to see today’s launch of the the Perseverance rover.
very excited to see what we can accomplish it we work together.

Mind you one of the best thing is to know:
I am onboard the rover!

well at least my name is 😁

Okay, story time..

I’m in to the ‘Mars Experience’ since it started.
If that doesn’t make me a Geeky Girl I don’t know.
But honestly I don’t care because I love it. 💖

Back in 2014 I’ve entered my name on the list to go to mars.
And since that time I’ve been on every mission since
From Orion’s Flight Test in december of 2014:

The Insight Mission to Mars in May 2018:

Up to today’s launch of the Perseverance rover!

Yes I was on al 3..

Don’t believe me?

Feast your eye’s on this:

Yes, you see that correctly I will be on the next one as well..

What’s that?
Pictures or it didn’t happen? 😂😅😁

okay, how about this Orion’s test flight…

During launch 😉
In orbit 😉

Okay, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.. 😅😋

All fun and silliness aside..

I have the boarding pass to prove it..

Yes I even have a boarding pass of all the others as well 😉

Amy in Space! 🤣😂👍💖

But honestly like I said; I have them all
I’ve already booked for the 2026’s ‘Future Mars Mission’ as well:

Are you as Exited as I am?
Did you expect me doing this, or not at all ??

Please let me know below!
I would love to hear it.

Love ,

amy signature

PS. Do you want to join?
Go here:
You can go and accompany many others
on the ‘Future Mars Mission’ in 2026. 💖

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