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These are personal notes by Amy.

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It was brought to my attention, Thank you Raimund , that the bot detection system was trigger happy.

for some reason it acted as everybody who was trying to comment was a bot.
the tech guys are working on it and for now it is disabled.
so please add the comments you wanted to make..
no more ‘you are a bot’
My sincere apologies for this weird behavior and thank you for your patience .

Love to all,
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New render soon

Sometimes the most wonderful thing just happen out of the blue.. and the weirdest thing is I can’t explain why it happened but for some reason I have contact with a wonderful person miles away and yet so close, I can’t explain.. I can’t  get in too much detail because of privacy issues.. I have seen this person in my… Read more →




The Gallery is now working again, still not sure why it stopped working.
My technical guy re-installed an older version that is working for now.
He thinks it’s a buggy update that might be the cause of this.

so we are back online for now.




Just wondering..

Hi, it’s me. Yes.. I’m still here, still on the mend slowly recovering…. Yea, I know last year wasn’t very nice to me. Emergency surgery Isn’t what I expected, but in the end it did was a lifesaver..   so yea.. after some time of trying and trying.. I managed to complete one image.. this one.. because frankly yea.. I’m… Read more →