Victoria is here

New Iray render Victoria’

The latest Render I made didn’t  complete without some technical issues.
but I managed to do it without  having to use Photoshop to iron out the render errors.

Somehow, I found while been puzzled for several hours, 
the spectacular-light setting were a bit confusing for the lush hair.. *facepalm*

so turning that off resulted in this one:


Needless to say I’m very happy with the end result..
whoops now I still did that..  😀 

this was just a test to see if it worked or now..
bigger versions will be rendered soon…

I feel a new header image coming up 😉  

Vanessa Glamour pose

OK, I’ll admit.. I haven’t had this much fun with a character for a long time.
For some reason Vanessa is fun to work with.
I’ve got her almost tweaked to perfection making rendering a breeze..
well 30 – 90 minutes isn’t a breeze by itself but, when it renders the chance of unexpected surprises is down to a minimum.

so I can take a cup of coffee or even take a shower while I wait  the render is completed.
making is more relaxed when I know things are OK when it is finished.

and while I was trying a new hair style I decided to make a ‘glamour  shoot’ style of image.
It got me going ‘wow’ I’m so happy with this one  😀

She looks so different!
Iray truly delivers, she looks so real.. and she is completely digital I can assure you, feeling like Dr. Frankenstein “It’s alive!”-haha

more to come – Oh yes.. Definitely!
I’m enjoying myself too much with this one..

So.. what’s next? any suggestions?

Click on the image to see the full picture

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