Vanessa Glamour pose

OK, I’ll admit.. I haven’t had this much fun with a character for a long time.
For some reason Vanessa is fun to work with.
I’ve got her almost tweaked to perfection making rendering a breeze..
well 30 – 90 minutes isn’t a breeze by itself but, when it renders the chance of unexpected surprises is down to a minimum.

so I can take a cup of coffee or even take a shower while I wait  the render is completed.
making is more relaxed when I know things are OK when it is finished.

and while I was trying a new hair style I decided to make a ‘glamour  shoot’ style of image.
It got me going ‘wow’ I’m so happy with this one  😀

She looks so different!
Iray truly delivers, she looks so real.. and she is completely digital I can assure you, feeling like Dr. Frankenstein “It’s alive!”-haha

more to come – Oh yes.. Definitely!
I’m enjoying myself too much with this one..

So.. what’s next? any suggestions?

Click on the image to see the full picture

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Vanessa -v2

Just a little update, Iray renders take time and tweaking to get them absolutely right.

But happy to say, although I’m not completely happy, still feel lighting is off a bit
this one is also “fit for release” 🙂

Go see in the portrait Gallery
(click the image to go there )

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Another render in the making

Working on another portrait: Clair.

Clair Iray render

Clair close-up (Iray)

A small one for the Gallery, and a bigger version soon.
(Iray can take a long time to render, the one above took over 2 hours to render) 

Funny thing is you can see the clear difference between the 3Delight and Iray render.
I think it speaks for itself:

3Delight render

3Delight render

Iray render

Iray render













See the portrait gallery for a bigger view


What do you think?
Please let me know in the comments
Thank you funny_heart

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A sight for sore eyes revisited

I’ve found several old renders, some of those were never released because they were personal studies, had weird errors in the final render or
did not have the quality I try to uphold. 😉

But some of them still are very nice, so I decided it is time to catch up and try a remake to get them out there.

Some still use the ‘old’ Victoria 4 model which means they are not as detailed as the new models

First off is ‘Dragon lady’, this scene originated in 2010,l I tried a new texture with a dragon tattoo, but for some reasons it keeps crashing the mesh.
so I abandoned it short time later..  I changed her hair and tried and rebuild the mesh, it’s not 100% perfect but good enough to show of her Tattoo.
changed the background and lights and I think it’s nice.

What do you think? Please comments ♥

See the portrait gallery for a full view

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